Vintage Vanp is a Boutique Mobile Café/Bar Service for hire , creating beautiful experiences. Our restored 1970’s vintage caravans are available for hire at your wedding, private party , corporate event …. we celebrate all occasions !

Our vintage inspired mobile cafe / bars are named after the iconic Vintage Vamps Mae West and Liz Taylor. Like their namesakes they are true showgirls, the life of the party and just love to entertain.


They can be used to serve bubbles, sodas, teas and scones, nibbles ….. or any type of refreshments at weddings, receptions, hen parties, engagement parties or any special occasion or event.


We specialise in vintage tea parties and post wedding ceremony celebrations. Why not treat your guests to a refreshment after your ceremony. Let us look after your guests while you’re having photos taken .. its a lovely touch and a great way to surprise your guests with something unique. Vintage Vanp will keep them watered by serving drinks or teas at your ceremony location while they wait for your reception to begin.

Mae and Liz are delivered to your venue and comes chaperoned by waiting staff so that the day is easy, stress free and outrageously enjoyable. Vintage Vanp is based in County Meath but our gals are on wheels so we can bring their vintage love and style to you at any time and place … Just Ask 🙂
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