Are Fairytale Couple Ellen and Portia heading for divorce?

We just cannot believe this and hope it is not true but our favourite couple Ellen and Portia are rumoured to be heading for a divorce! This could be one of Hollywood’s dirtiest divorces ever with a good chuck of Ellen’s fortune at stake, and when we say a good chunk we are talking about 345 million dollars!!

Ellen and Portia got married 8 years and their wedding was just gorgeous with many blogs written about it and what a beautiful and admired couple they are, so to say we are a little devastated if this is true is an understatement.

Ellen does maintain in public that everything is rosy but sources have said otherwise.  Apparently the rumours are saying that Ellen is demanding and Portia is tired of being a “trophy wife” with no children.  The publication reports they are always arguing over Ellen’s controlling behaviour and her anger issues, her drinking and lavish spending.  The source concluded that “Ellen’s insistence on not starting a family is the biggest hurdle they can’t seem to overcome.  Portia wanted children and Ellen didn’t”.

We are hoping that is only hollywood silly gossip and we won’t believe it here until it really happens, so here are a few amazing photos of the gorgeous couple to look at.

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