American couple have their Irish Dream Wedding

Gay Weddings Ireland had the pleasure of organising Jim and John’s Irish dream wedding on August 10th, 2016.  The fairytale wedding took place in the amazing Bellingham Castle, with 70 of Jim and John’s closest friends and family, who traveled from all over the world to celebrate their special day.   Jim had Irish ancestry but one of the main reason they decided to marry in Ireland was the fact that Ireland was the only country to hold a referendum and vote ‘Yes’ to marriage equality.

On their wedding day guests where greeted to framed photos all over the castle, with photos of them with Jim and John and what a lovely touch for the guests to take away their own photos.  What an amazing day they had with beautiful Irish music from Ronan Browne and their own friends and family writing music and performing for them also.  Although a rainy start to the day at the very last minute plan’s changed and there was a break in the weather so all hands were on deck and the ceremony took place outside in the beautiful garden to John’s absolute delight, as that was what he always dreamed of.  After the beautiful ceremony they drank champagne and wine, ate amazing food and partied the night away.  Check out some of the beautiful photos from David Maury Photography.  Why would you not choose to get married in Ireland:)

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